• Inspire, Motivate & Empower all New Zealanders

    With self-confidence and how-to life skills, to be the change agents for happy healthy families and a better world.

My question to all achievers – Do you want to be more in charge of your personal and work life, and get more quickly where you want to be?? Healthy, happy, contributing? Giving back?

Then great! but if you want to fly high, you need to get worldly wise!

My platforms are –

  1. Help young adults succeed to become next generation leaders of New Zealand.
  2. Personal human development ‘wisdom’ workshops for teachers, parents, communities – they are the keys to a better NZ.
  3. Change from the failure of current crisis work and it’s huge costs, to mandatory preventive early social teaching for all, at the top of cliffs, not prisons at the bottom, with family well-being the yardstick of all success.
  4. Inspirational talks to groups, staffs, communities, leaders, and people of influence.
  5. Unique 2-day “Thriving on Success Growth Retreat” to realise your purpose and potential.
  6. Key books to motivate and empower.

Trainings & Leadership

Personal growth for success strategies in your business and life. Be inspired, motivated, and empowered at work and home by Gwendolyn’s original staff training workshops. A refreshingly different approach – wholistic, engaging, interactive, memorable and undoubtedly top value.


Gwendolyn is a published author. Her range of books help you to be in charge of your life – for good! “for progress and success, the human factor is key”

Who is Gwendolyn?

Gwendolyn is one of New Zealand’s entrepreneurial women, a true leader with experience, zest, energy, and resourcefulness, and a caring interest in the success of all societal levels. Schooled in backblocks Kaitaia, her first career was in the field of Nursing, graduating with Honours from Whangarei Base Hospital.


Craig Brown, Former Mayor & Northland Leader writes,

“For in-depth value, practical inspiration plus real meat content, I thoroughly recommend Gwendolyn. Her experience in many significant roles makes her speaking unique. She says “Don’t waste your life in mediocrity. If you want to fly high and use your potential, you need to be on a human learning curve. Her usable success strategies and engaging life stories go well beyond many motivational speakers.”

Young Adult Power Project (YAPP)

We best help our youth (and society) succeed when we go beyond focusing on dysfunctional symptoms, and instead, plant the seeds of constructive hopeful change in the leaders and staff of foundational organisations. The rising tide lifts all boats equally. Young people have more need of models than of critics. New Zealand can do much better.

Leaders’ Retreat – A 2-day Thriving on
Success Growth Retreat