Gwendolyn Needham is one of New Zealand’s entrepreneurial women, with experience and resourcefulness which puts her in the realm of thought leader.

Gwendolyn’s first career is in the field of Nursing, graduating with Honours. She lives out her belief in the value of lifetime education with ongoing studies in Health, Education, Psychology, Philosophy, Theology, and Organisational Development. In mid-life, she became one of the first women ordained into the Anglican Church. This demanding role gave her insights and experience into human joys, sorrows, and needs at all levels. Her move 30 years back into the business scene was a natural progression of her wholistic policies about life, work, the economy, leadership, and the values of co-operation for the good of society and the world. The development of potential and empowerment of all is a keystone of her philosophy –

“For progress and success, the human factor is pivotal”

Gwendolyn has travelled widely, and presented at conferences internationally for Nursing, World Federation for Mental Health, Service and Business Clubs, and Community groups – in Dublin, London, San Diego, San Antonio, Melbourne, and Los Angeles.

Gwendolyn is a free-lance resource person, adding memorable value to every workshop, training, conference, community enterprise, and speaking engagement she undertakes. Her unique approach is collaborative, energetic, thought-provoking, and life-enhancing.

Gwendolyn’s current/former roles include:

  • President of Whangarei Business & Professional Women.
  • Programmes Convenor for Business and Professional Women of New Zealand.
  • Chaplain to Northland Police Force & Chair of National Advisory Council for Chaplains.
  • President of Whangarei Friendship Force.
  • Director of Positive Living Promotions Inc.
  • Director of HIGHWISE Leadership.
  • Columnist; Counsellor; Life Celebrant.