The Four Part Person

Going Deeper – Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit

We humans are made up of four parts – body, mind, heart, spirit. When these four parts are working well together, we are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy. Not only healthy – but happy and successful.

Your “bodies” are all exactly the same, under our skins. No different at all. You all have the identical physical arrangements inside. Only your skin, hair, height, size, eyes, smiles, and what you can see, are different. But inside we’re all physically exactly the same.

Your “mind” is the seat of consciousness, thinking, ideas, intellectual power, decisions and mental processes. It’s not the actual physical brain, but related to it. It’s the front door to your life, where change and progress is made. You get ideas and decide things firstly in your mind.

Your “heart” (not the physical muscle that pumps blood round the body) is responsible for your emotional life – that means your feelings. You feel things first in your hearts, then your body shows the sign of those feelings – fear, joy, happiness, anxiety, love, kindness, hate, anger, confidence, shyness, more.

Your “spirit” is the essential innermost part of your self that makes you unique. You’re the only one of you. This amazing spirit was inside you at birth, or rather at conception, waiting to enliven you. Spirit is also called soul, wellspring, Chi, higher self, energy, mauri, essence. When your spirit is respected, nourished, listened to, and followed, along with your heart, mind and body – you will be living your best life.

The Four Parts must work as a team. One sick part affects the other three.

  • Your mind and emotions work together to make up emotional intelligence. Your inner spirit is your unique lifeforce. Your body simply carries the rest of you around, like a framework.
  • You sure need to keep it fit and healthy, but your body is not more important than what else is inside you – heart, mind, and spirit. If you only care about one part, eg your body, and become a fitness and food fanatic or sports champion, but don’t listen to your heart, mind, and spirit, – sooner or later you’ll fall apart.
  • You need to be that whole Team – Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit. If not, there can be serious consequences – stress, family breakdown, depression, mental health issues, suicide, body image / eating disorders, bullying, misuse of drugs / alcohol, more. These apply to both adults and youth equally. Sad, but true.
  • Pointers to your own health, success and happiness.

What you think about most, you will become. Thoughts have either positive or negative outcomes. The power of both is great – but positive forces lift you up; negative forces drag you down, really fast. When you realise you’re amongst negative people – walk away; even better – run!

Mental attitude influences your health and wellness.

  • Progress and change starts in your mind. It’s called Mind Power. Learn how to be in charge of you, by what you allow into your mind.
  • Be open to new people, new ideas, new thoughts, new situations. They’ll stimulate your thinking.
  • Thinking is the key to personal power.
  • Self-knowledge leads to self-confidence.
  • Self-confidence is the cornerstone for a successful life. Build your self-confidence, lifelong.


All growth and learning starts in the mind. Yours. So work towards an empowered automatic attitudinal mind-set. Don’t be a victim of your own mind.
1. “Yes, in my mind I can see there are choices for me.
2. “Yes, I believe, wholistically (heart, mind, body, spirit) that I could / can move forward in my life.
3. Yes, I know how to achieve my own success and happiness, via ongoing life-learning. I will make that choice for myself, now.
“There are no such things as problems – only decisions waiting to be taken – by me”.

Drugs and Gambling

Is there a way out of Drugs?

Drug addiction

  • Is the overwhelming desire or compulsion to continue taking drugs, (including alcohol) while knowing the bad effect it’s having on your life.
  • People from all walks of life can become addicts.The whole-person approach to drug addiction acknowledges the links between body, mind, social / mental health aspects of living.
  • Drug addiction is progressive –if left unaddressed, it will get worse over time.
  • It’s vital to seek help urgently.
  • Addiction is not a moral defect or lack of willpower, but an uncontrollable urge to use drugs at all cost. This does not mean the addict is a bad person, or fundamentally flawed.
  • The addict abuses drugs, and therefore becomes a victim of drugs.
  • Real recovery means creating a life where you have no desire or need to consume. You become free.
  • An addict says –
    “You cannot control drugs. Drugs control you. It doesn’t matter whether that drug is in a bottle, served over a counter, or gained illicitly somehow. It makes no difference. The drugs are the boss of your whole life”

Read more

Alcohol – a crying shame

Alcohol and You, Us, and all New Zealanders.

Our crying shame.

Alcohol is the most commonly used psychoactive (mind altering) drug in New Zealand, and the western world. While drinking alcohol is widely accepted as normal, it has highly damaging effects to both the drinker, the family, community and the whole of society. Till recently, alcohol and binge drinking have been the ‘elephant in the rooms of New Zealand’ – we all know it’s there, but we talk about everything else except this ‘huge elephant’. Why? Because the political, economic, social and business consequences of reducing alcohol use are far-reaching. This denial is changing, thankfully, but longterm effective solutions require significant changes.

What harm does alcohol cause? Read more

Bulimia the silent killer

Bulimia is an illness in which a person binges on food or has regular episodes of overeating and feels a loss of control, then uses various methods — such as vomiting or laxative abuse — to prevent weight gain. Many (but not all) people with bulimia also have anorexia nervosa.

Many more women than men have bulimia. The disorder is most common in adolescent girls and young women. The affected person is usually aware that her eating pattern is abnormal and may feel fear or guilt with the binge-purge episodes. Read more

Stress getting the best of you?

Take Charge of Stress while you’re still Young

Stress is the buzzword name for an unbalanced life. Many adults are stressed. They keep saying so.

When you say “I’m stressed!’ you mean you’re not feeling in charge of you. You mean that things and life-issues happening to you right now are piling up inside and on top of you and sure, you’re overwhelmed, and yes, pressure is rising.

Fact –
If you don’t deal with your issues and get your stressors out of your system, then yes, sure, you will get sick, in one way or another. Could be minor; could be major. Read more

The Big Picture

Mind-food for all Persons of Influence.

The Bigger Picture, New Zealand, & Our World.

“Make no small plans. They have no power to stir the blood!” So said Dr Lena Madesin Phillips, Founder of International Business & Professional Women (1881 – 1975 )

Just as “Everything is related to everything else”, YAPP necessarily fits into a bigger picture. I call it Project Culture Change New Zealand (PCCNZ).

‘To make New Zealand the place where talented good people want to live – because we mandatorily educate for life, and care for all, equally.’
YAPP AIMS – Read more

Youth empowerment workshop info

Inspire4life Leadership & Staff Workshops.

“First help yourselves, so you can best help others.”

For teachers, health professionals, counsellors, agencies dealing with the results of social dysfunction, churches, community leaders, youth enterprises.


Beliefs, attitude, mind-power. Blockages. Emotional intelligence. Balance or crash. Mission. Read more

Why we do what we do

Helping our youth succeed

The Young Adults’ Power Project – YAPP4u

How to gain self-confidence to move safely and successfully
into the workforce, and the adult world.
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Grow Your Own Three-part Success Tree

Your whole life overview is shown on The Success Tree.
It has three parts – Roots, Fruits, Trunk.

Roots planted into good soil give you food so you’ll thrive.
Fruits are pointers to the good life you can have.
The trunk carries sap (nourishment) up from your roots to grow delectable fruits.

You need all three, equally. Roots alone get you nowhere. Fruits without good roots will fail. Read more