Training for Business & Staff

Success Strategy Training for Business and Staff Development

For business success, first help your staff to discover and use their best talents. Small group training seminars with Gwendolyn, tailored to your specific requirements, will achieve this.

Confident Public Speaking — for jelly-knees (6 hours)

  • Essential presentation skills for speaking up-front
  • The wholistic approach
  • Body language; image; practical pointers
  • Handle introductions; thank speakers; present awards; give effective reports.
  • Add style to substance. Learn meeting procedures. This seminar teaches the skills, drills you in the basics, gives you up-front practice and builds your knowledge and confidence, all within a friendly group environment.

Stress, Health, the Workplace and YOU (4-6 hours)

  • Basic philosophy, wholism, self-esteem, rapuora.
  • Interconnectedness of heart, mind, body, spirit. Balance.
  • Measuring my current life-stresses. Can I have power over my physical self?
  • The roots of ‘dis-tress’/ The 12-point health check/ Inner life, outer health.
  • Self-care/ Emotions. Defence mechanisms, worry, guilt, frustration.
  • Leaving negative forces behind; responsible choices for workplace health.

Workplace Communication (6 hours)

  • Discover your own `mission statement’, values and goals.
  • Recognise passive, assertive and aggressive styles; also body language.
  • Get the know-how to ask for what you want; say ‘no’ without guilt.
  • Give and receive instructions, praise and criticism. Disagree constructively.
  • Handle mistakes effectively. Get to the point quickly and get results.
  • Clear away sexual harassment. Feel good about speaking with peers and managers, Gain personal confidence. Enhance your workplace.

Group Empowerment (4 hours)

  • Philosophy, purpose, definitions. Communication — key to all successes.
  • Leadership styles – empowering, controlling or victimising.
  • Characteristics of a mature group/ The use and misuse of power.
  • Threat — signs and symptoms; causes and cures.
  • Blocks to progress; recognising vested interest.
  • Getting our act together constructively; joint decision for decisions for new ways forward.

Resources for all participants:

  1. Folder of full clear practical notes and worksheets,
  2. Copy of HIGH ROADS —Keys to Personal Power and Business Success.

“…Gwendolyn’s modules are based on this unique and profoundly important book about power. Relevant essential reading in plain language, for all educators, professionals, parents and helpers. The concepts in this book can change our workplaces and homes”

—Frank Leadley, MA. Past President NZ Secondary Principals Association

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