Hand-written evaluations for the Highwise Leadership Retreat.

Recent attendees are a mix of ages from 24 – 70 years – with careers in health, education, staff in corporate leadership, voluntary sector, marketing, business owners, administration, churches, self-employed, community workers, men, women, Maori, pakeha.

“The Retreat has been extremely valuable to me personally. I now feel I have clarified a clear purpose in my life – in health, work, relationships, soul. Only wish it was longer! I want to go on further workshops with you.

“I really enjoyed the Retreat – time flew, it was never boring or tiring. I recognised things I urgently need to learn, and re-inforced other important things……

“Tena koe. These two days have been so worthwhile… my eyes have been opened to much unresolved turmoil in my life. I now know I hide this under my jokey exterior– and now will start to deal with it, so I can be truly happy…. My work and homelife will get a huge boost forward now… thank you for your in-depth wisdom and time, and for giving me a wake-up call, no reira, noho ora mai Gwendolyn.

“ A thoroughly enjoyable 2 days, great value!…I will now take time to understand my own self better… there are many issues I need to look at. You have shown me clearly how to move forward. I will do it! Top value.

“Great group participation, a very well facilitated Retreat. Content well prepared and constructive..

“Thank you for this opportunity…..it was all so relevant to my life…. Timing, venue, food all tops, in a friendly environment..

“Kia koe Gwen. You took me on an amazing journey…. Amazing to look back to one’s life and meanings, inside, and outside. It was fantastic. God’s blessings to you, aroha mai…

“Your book High Roads is a source of ongoing help and insight, with the power of my mind as self-starter!– I will read it slowly, and take it all in….yes, I want to fly high, and be wise!

“Great! I have achieved so much in such a short time… not just about myself, but about life in general… I’m going home to put a lot of new ideas into practice; I can’t wait…also at work…

“I now know I Can Do! Thanks to you Gwendolyn, you’ve opened my eyes, and mind! It was wonderfully interactive, and flowed so well…

“These two days have been awesome… we have worked together.. a great creative atmosphere of acceptance and trust was laid before us… we have all set our own challenges – the notes / handouts will be so valuable…

“This experience will be carried with me, and the skills and encouragements received are heartfelt. Yes, I can be a leader, and I will. Thanks Gwendolyn!

“What was of great value was the way the Retreat was presented so that learning and insight led to growth…. Interactiveness well planned, just the right amount. Non threatening. I’m sad to leave!

“Has let me look into myself and find answers waiting for me to put into action. The resources, and your book, will keep me focussed, as I make new choices at work, and in my family. Thank you for great guidance, gentle but clear, in a very warm informal but focussed environment…

“Thank you for the most awesome 2 days of learning and sharing; I’m most privileged to have been part of this Retreat…many insights have struck me and I know your book will continue to help and edify me… thank you for your wisdom; you are an inspiring role model.

“I have really enjoyed these 2 days; thank you for your openness and input. I realise now that I CAN rise up and do what we need in our business. I’m now able to build up my self confidence, and rise to take necessary actions – and also speak positively to myself. Thank you!

“I have been re-inforced in my thoughts and ideas – and now know that I must be more pro-active, and get on with it. I know I must step up to the next level of leadership, instead of being reluctant. I’m now ready to do that, and I will!

“I’ve been to many courses over the years, and heard many speakers. You have a special grace and dignity, and I have found it a real privilege to be part of this Retreat. Your knowledge base is in-depth and exciting, and you are well versed in your subjects…. Apart from the immoral aspects of cloning – you are a great argument for cloning. We need more Gwen Needhams in this world. Thank you.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this Retreat, a good time for me to ponder my work, life, and directions. There’s been a number of ‘ah ha’ moments for me that will give me the confidence to move ahead at work, faster and further. I have clear actions to work on immediately. I’ve also enjoyed seeing how the Retreat has benefited the other attendees over the two days. Please keep these Retreats happening.