Leaders’ Retreat

Thriving on Success is a unique 2-day Leadership and Growth Retreat for achievers, and will be presented monthly in Whangarei, Bay of Islands, and Auckland.

The Thriving on Success Retreat moves you beyond mere visionary dream-words. It helps you grapple with the practical pitfalls, realities, and potential of your own current life.

Is your lifestyle and work demanding, pressured, significant, or in the public eye?

Are you already an achiever, an entrepreneur, ambitious, a current or potential leader or a high flyer?

Do you want to live your own best possible life?

Then Thriving on Success, a personal coaching retreat by Gwendolyn Needham, is right for you.

Being at the Top, or aspiring to be at the Top, is exciting and rewarding. It can also be hazardous to your life

  • The Top is a high-risk place to be: stress, responsibilities, competitiveness, isolation, the Tall Poppy Syndrome of others’ jealousies, strained relationships, power games.
  • Those at the Top typically do not care properly for themselves. Burn-out is a disease of real achievers, not couch potatoes. The higher your position, the less likely you are to have an adequate and skilled support system.
  • Does your support system (your partner, your doctor, your therapist) currently give you the relaxed talking time you really need?
  • As a high achiever, you are a role model, whether you like it or not. You are visible. You are being watched. Your successes and failures are in the public arena. And sadly, some will take pleasure in seeing you fail.

The Thriving on Success Retreat will provide a creative space for YOU to focus only on YOU. Forget the rest of the world for two days. Return refreshed in heart, mind, body and spirit – and much clearer on your own best future.  You will enjoy more resilience, self-determination, wisdom, and peace of mind. Better equipped to make long-term progress, you will thrive on the successes you choose – whether in business, personal, professional or organisational roles.

Thriving on Success Retreat Includes:

  • 18 hours facilitated learning/ reflection/ practical choices for actions.
  • The practicalities of understanding your own power, and using it wisely.
  • Beliefs, attitude, mind-power, the whole-person approach. Spirit. Blockages. Emotional intelligence. Beyond victimisation. Balance or crash. Mission. Image. Discipline. Philosophy of leader-styles. Use/misuse of power. The fear-to-freedom pathway. Build and communicate your best strengths with confidence, clarity, purpose, integrity, excellence, and success.
  • Your copy of HIGH ROADS – Keys to Personal Power & Business Success (value $20)
  • All meals – two lunches, one dinner, teas/coffees/refreshments, workbook, notes
  • 90-minute follow-up one on one consultation within two weeks of the Retreat. Ongoing support available.

Ask yourself:

  • Am I singing my best song yet?
  • What stops me now?
  • Can I thrive more fully?
  • When? How?

Don’t miss out. It’s your one life, day by day. So make a decision for your real ‘self’ – your life depends on YOU.

“The Retreat has been extremely valuable to me personally. I now feel I have a clear purpose in my lifein health, work, relationships, soul. Only wish it was longer! I want to go on further workshops with you.

“I really enjoyed the Retreat – time flew, it was never boring or tiring. I recognised things I urgently need to learn, and re-inforced other important things……

“A thoroughly enjoyable 2 days…I will now take time to understand my own self better… there are many issues I need to look at. You have shown me clearly how to move forward. I will do it!

“Thank you for this opportunity…..it was all so relevant to my life…. Timing, venue, food all tops, in a friendly environment..

Leadership Retreat Testimonials