Training for Social Development Agencies

The Positive Living Seminars (PLP Inc)

PLP Inc is a Northland-based social educational enterprise, to empower men and women to be free successful human beings, contributing positively into their homes, families, workplaces, and communities. These workshops will help your clients move forward in their lives.

Gwendolyn believes the birthright of us all is a good life, healthy, happy, fulfilled, useful, rich in relationships. Such success awaits us all. Attitudinal wellbeing is basic. Keys to a good life and peace of mind are not metal keys, but mental. If you want to improve your life, first you need to change what’s in your mind!

Content of Seminars

  1. Take charge of your life
    My whole-person life overview. Where am I now? Where do I want to get to? What blocks me now? Beliefs, Attitudes, Choices. How to make changes. How to become ’empowered’ – strong; able; free; happy; effective. My success tree. Goal setting. An action plan. Choosing my own future.
  1. Co-operative communication
    Want to say what you need to say, clearly, simply, constructively, without guilt? Want to get on better at work, home, school, socially? THIS IS FOR YOU!! Learn passive, assertive, aggressive styles; body language; how to say ‘no’. Give and receive praise and criticism; move on from mistakes effectively. Feel good about adult conversations; gain confidence to be your best self. CO-OPERATIVE COMMUNICATION WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR EVER …
  1. Self-esteem and confidence-building
    Self-esteem is about self-respect – not about selfishness, or “me me me”. It helps us trade negative thoughts for sound beliefs and personal fulfilment. Learn about – feelings – conditioning – behaviours – acceptance of “me”. Practical steps towards a positive self-image – overcoming shyness, doubts, guilt, worry. Moving to confidence socially. New decisions; new thoughts. Gaining encouragement and support which empowers and frees me, for life!
  1. Confident public speaking
    Want to speak up front without shaking at the knees? Handle introductions; thank speakers; present reports? Feel good about your public image? Then this is for you. This seminar teaches the skills; drills you in the basics; gives you up-front practice; builds your knowledge and confidence – in a friendly group setting.
  1. Relationships – mother power, daughter power
    The whole-of-life approach. Human development from infancy to old age. Images, stereotypes, the power of conditioning. Our stories; looking back. Expectations; attitudes; beliefs; choices. Changing my lifescript. What is love?? Responsibility?? Power?? No more apronstrings; no more guilt; martyrs; or victims. Choosing freedom and happiness for all.
  1. Stress, health, and you
    Basic philosophy; wholism. Self-esteem. Rapuora. Where am I now?? Interconnectedness of heart, mind, body, spirit. What are my life-stresses? The roots of ill-health. The inner life. Emotions. The 12-point health check Balance. Selfcare. Inner peace – outer health. Defence mechanisms, worry, guilt, frustration – leave these negative forces behind. Health is a choice.
  1. Grief, change, growth
    All significant losses cause us grief – not only deaths – including loss of job, friends, marriage, home, money, health – and more. We need to learn the normal reactions; and the healthy processes of coming to terms with such loss. Discover practical ways to help myself, and to help others.. laying the past to rest; saying goodbye; confronting fears; re-inventing my new but different future.
  1. No longer an abused victim
    Can everyone really have a happy life? Even a victim like me? The 4 steps to personal empowerment – awareness, understanding, acceptance, taking action. Getting rid of emotional baggage. Positive/negative forces. How power is misused in society. Violence. Victimisation. Anger. Survival strategies. Becoming responsible. Self-talk. Mind-power. Goals. Freedom!
  1. Lasting relationships
    Basic keys to happiness. Healthy self-esteem. Healing past hurts. What is real love? Can I have some? False expectations breed victims. Taking off the rosy specs. Pitfalls; power games. The price of change. Improving my present; redesigning my future. Grace, understanding, respect of self and others. Create a new positive people-environment. The ultimate power is love.