Do you want to be part of creating a better New Zealand for all?

Gwendolyn Needham is passionate about this and helps you to be part of achieving this with her specialist topics.

  • Helping our youth succeed
  • Personal Power Principles
  • What motivates you everyday
  • Communication – the key how to’s for success
  • Leadership requires personal growth
  • Success strategies for work and life
  • Overcoming the stress bogey

Engage Gwendolyn for your conference, and you are guaranteed a time of interest, stimulation, inspiration – which may even move you to take some action on your own behalf.

‘…well-qualified, thought-provoking. Gives positive ideas worthy of serious attention.’

—Hon. Doug Graham, Remuera

Gwendolyn draws on a rich mine of wit and wisdom, tailoring her presentation directly to the needs of her listeners, from corporate leaders, community volunteers, to young adults on the way up. She is one of New Zealand’s best resources, in terms of enhancing the humanity within us all, and taps directly into the minds, hearts, and spirits of listeners, with topics of equal importance and interest to both men and women.

Decide the main need of your conference attendees. Gwendolyn will almost certainly be able to offer an answer to your need, and offer a catchy title, to suit you, for example:

  • Power Principles – and Me. Why aren’t I singing my best song yet?
  • How Everything is Related to Everything Else, & What to do about it
  • Am I Whole, Happy, Healthy?
  • Success Tracks; Failure Tracks; and Changing Tracks
  • Monster, Mouse, or Human? Who, me?
  • Is my life killing me? How long have I got?
  • Mind Power – Change your mind – Change your life!

Gwendolyn can MC your event; or facilitate your conference/training. All speaking engagements and workshops include take-home handouts and/or full notes.

Choose from 1 hour, 2 hour, half day or full day options to suit your needs. Fees by negotiation.

‘…provocative, humorous, unforgettable. The only speaker we’ve asked back. You remember her words years later.’

—Ian Pasley, Lions Club

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