I have an exciting cause I want to share with you

Helping our young adults succeed, so that next-generation families prosper much more, making New Zealand the place where talent wants to live” What is prosper? Prosper is when loving parents raise their children to be confident, successful in life, happy and healthy, with enough money for needs. When communities show they care, and belong together. It takes a whole village to raise a child. This is my cause, please join it.

Why is this important right now?

In wonderful New Zealand, where many are high achievers, too big a group of young people are calling out to society, with anguished voices and with self-destructive actions loud and clear, as they commit suicide, abuse alcohol and drugs, buck the justice system, are addicted to violent games, and spend time in prisons. What a waste of human lives -  not to mention the cost to you and me, the tax-payers, pouring millions at the wrong end of real help, and making no progress.

Consider –

“Listen to the voices of youth when they call”   (Words from an Opera by  Massenet)
“Young people have more need of models than of critics”   (J.Joubet)
“Whoever teaches his child, teaches his child’s child, and so on, to the end of time.”  (Jewish proverb)
“And in today, already walks tommorow”. (Samuel Coleridge Taylor, 1772 -1834)

What exactly are the voices of youth saying to us, the good adults of NZ, in 2018?

I believe it’s –

“Help me! Care about me! Love me!    I’m lost and rootless, and hurting! You’re all too busy!  I really need  to belong!”

My inspirational teaching and written resources answers these cries for help. Will you be a supporter and good friend to this cause?