Young Adults Power Project (YAPP)

Mission Statement

To engage New Zealand’s young adults with universal human knowledge plus practical lifeskills, so they can:

  • Contribute positively to the economy and the community
  • Understand and deal with the causes of social dysfunction
  • Be good future leaders / parents and become valuable world citizens

YAPP is a BIG project and aims to connect with all New Zealanders aged 16 – 24 years. YAPP has a BIG vision – to connect with, inspire, motivate, and empower all moving out from school into further study, training, and the workforce. YAPP fits into an even bigger project – Project Culture Change New Zealand (PCCNZ).

In simple words:

To make New Zealand the place where talent wants to live, because we have a national policy of obligatory lifelong social development for all ages, and we care for the well-being of all citizens.

How? by changing the way we think about issues. By changing the ‘soil’ we grow in – or too often, fail to grow in. YAPP changes lives and behaviours by ‘mind-power’. Many don’t know they can succeed because of the false ideas in their minds. YAPP replaces the false ideas (rubbish) and plants seeds of wisdom, success, common sense, power, potential, pride, purpose, process, prevention, priorities, philosophy.

YAPP Key Components are:

The Big New Zealand Picture

The Young Adults Power Project has two parts:

  1. Help individuals flourish
  2. Change the way our communities work for the greater good of all.

YAPP, alongside Project Culture Change New Zealand (PCCNZ), aims to benefit every person, socially and economically, by ‘mind-power’ education towards an inclusive equal positive healthy family-friendly society.

  1. The social education of young adults, our next generation of parents, is the most hopeful first avenue of creating and building a society where families and communities thrive.
  2. YAPP advocates for obligatory ongoing social education, lifelong, government-determined, for all New Zealanders, cradle to grave, will –

“Make New Zealand the place where talent wants to live, because we educate for life, and care for all, equally.”

Accessing YAPP Workshops

Who for?

Careers and Transition Staff at High Schools, Independent Colleges, Tertiary Training Providers, Employment Agencies, Youth Development & Social Welfare Organisations.

The Teachers’ & Leaders’ Manual equips your own staff to facilitate YAPP’s modular workshops, covering the content of ‘Dear Young Adults of the World NZ Edition’. Practical inter-active personal development within a caring strong framework will get all learners off to a sound start, as they are challenged to move into adulthood.

A sense of respect for others, belonging and connectedness is fostered. Self-confidence, can-do attitudes, whole-person views, and success strategies undergird this unique learning.

The Key Workshops are :

  1. Know Yourself – Take Charge – Grow Up. Roots, identity, beliefs, attitude. 6 modules
  1. New Zealand’s Culture & Social Scenes. Pitfalls. Solutions. 3 modules
  1. Earn and Learn – About Money & YOU. Habits & Goals. 2 modules
  1. Healthy Relationships & Success Tracks. 2 modules
  1. Communicate Your Way to the Job You Want. 5 modules
  1. Our Country, New Zealand. 2 modules
  1. Faith, Beliefs, & Life. 2 modules

***  YAPP workshops come with worksheets, recognition of progressions, certification, goal setting, continuity, big picture views, rewards, and life-long connections.

***  YAPP can be quality-assessed to earn credits for school attendees, in-house trainees,  apprentices, those serving community sentences, other educational groups.

***  YAPP is flexible in delivery (ie not one size fits all), understanding and meeting the real grass-roots needs of attendees; tailored to teach where gaps now exist.

***  YAPP education provides key comprehensive life-and-skills know-how. Relevant portions can be presented in workshop formats to the specific needs of students, and in timeframes to suit different learning abilities.

***  YAPP strongly encourages and promotes literacy and numeracy skills. Readers become leaders.

***  “Dear Young Adults of the World (New Zealand Edition 2016)” is specifically written for 16–24’s, (but relevant to older adults too) in an engaging format, easy to read, comprehensive, different. (See Reviews) It provides quality youth-friendly information in a clear workshop style.

Per copy $25. Wholesale – 50 at $22; 100 at $17;  250 at $15. plus P&P; Order from this website

The Teachers’ & Leaders’ Manual is priced at $60 per copy.