Young Adults’ Power Programme

Empowering New Zealand young adults to gain self-confidence for success in life and work.

Young Adults’ Power Programme is a workshops-based social education project available to teachers, trainers, and leaders. It helps youth gain self-confidence to move safely and successfully into the workforce and adult world, based on the flagship book, “Dear Young Adults of the World”.

Our programme has NZ’s culture change at its heart, starting with inspiring young people to think differently, at “the teachable moment of transition into adulthood”. It motivates and empowers onto success tracks for work and life; and is applicable and relevant for mid/low achievers right up to those with great leadership potential. Young adults are future parents; better parents are the key to happier families and a more caring and equal society.

Help make New Zealand the country of choice to live in, because we offer ongoing obligatory life-skill education and care, for all ages and stages, so that families and communities will thrive.

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Young Adults Power Project

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Reviews and Recommendations

“YAPP4u is an admirable, different, ambitious, significant and professionally presented project. I highly recommend that leaders and teachers embrace this opportunity to help their students become real achievers.”
Frank Leadley, MA, QSM. Past Principal Bay of Islands College; Past President Secondary Principals’ Assn of NZ; Youth Initiatives Mentor.

How Teachers Can Use this Programme

Young Adults’ Power Programme(YAPP4u)  adds a unique dimension of pastoral care to all other training – “the essential human core of holistic well-being”.  The students of all leaders, teachers, mentors, and parents, who are preparing young people for the adult world will benefit from this programme.

The programme is flexible and has many practical ways to be used…

  1. Provide the inspirational workbook to all applicable students, and schedule routine regular reading-time.
  2. Teach workshop modules of your choice to suit your timeframe and goals.
  3. Whet the appetites of your students for more. Readers become Leaders. Give rewards.
  4. Use any units from the workshop modules to fit your curricula & gain credits.
  5. Set individual challenges to work in own time. A YAPP4u Certificate is earnable.
  6. Students can become certificated YAPP4u Success Supporters, and be trained as future tutors.
  7. Offer students a choice of an intensive YAPP4u immersion, eg over 1 week, or two full days, for the most self-motivated pupils, then review results.
  8. Use as a one-day special event for a specific group of students (eg Sports team, Prefects Retreat, Specialty Class, Drama group, those entering a Speech contest, or low achievers etc.)
  9. Use for readings at School Assemblies.
  10. Engage with parents and families by providing a YAPP4u workshop and supper for them, each term.
  11. A unique hands-on resource for counsellors working one/one with students.

More on our Workshops

The Teachers’ & Leaders’ Manual equips your own staff to facilitate YAPP’s modular workshops, covering the content of ‘Dear Young Adults of the World NZ Edition’. Practical inter-active personal development within a caring strong framework will get all learners off to a sound start, as they are challenged to move into adulthood.

A sense of respect for others, belonging and connectedness is fostered. Self-confidence, can-do attitudes, whole-person views, and success strategies undergird this unique learning.

The Key Workshops are :

  1. Know Yourself – Take Charge – Grow Up. Roots, identity, beliefs, attitude. 6 modules
  1. New Zealand’s Culture & Social Scenes. Pitfalls. Solutions. 3 modules
  1. Earn and Learn – About Money & YOU. Habits & Goals. 2 modules
  1. Healthy Relationships & Success Tracks. 2 modules
  1. Communicate Your Way to the Job You Want. 5 modules
  1. Our Country, New Zealand. 2 modules
  1. Faith, Beliefs, & Life. 2 modules

Workshops come with worksheets, recognition of progressions, certification, goal setting, continuity, big picture views, rewards, and life-long connections. They can also be quality-assessed to earn credits for school attendees, in-house trainees,  apprentices, those serving community sentences, other educational groups.

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Young Adults Power Project